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How to attach only REP report in email notifcation and to get batch date

Question asked by Revathi_Chelladurai_10523 on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Revathi_Chelladurai_10523
I'm a new user to UC4 and I would appreciate some help with the following:

I would like to be email notified when any of the jobs in a workflow fail and I have implemented it. But it has to be customized.

1. For email attachments I'm using the option "Attach reports from Task (RunID)" in Notification tab and I'm receiving both ".ACT.txt" and ".REP.txt". 
But only ".REP.txt" file is required. How can it be achieved?

2. Notification email  contains below information

Batch Date: --> It is currently set to SYS_LDATE("HH:MM:SS"). But it should be batch run date. 
For instance, if I run the workflow for 01 Jan 2018 then the Batch Date should also be the same in email. 

Thank you in advance