Automation Engine V 12.1.1 HF 1 - Bugs

Discussion created by JohnO'Mullane on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by NicoleBöger605686
I recently upgraded to V12.1.1 HF 1 from 12.0.1.

I just wanted to share with the community a few bugs I have discovered so far that may help if you intend upgrading to this release in the near future.

1. JSCH  Issue
Users got an error when trying to edit the JSCH object. 
This only seems happened for certain users.
Workaround is to recycle tomcat, which isn't ideal. It also does re-occur so several recycles required so far. (PRB00221229)

2. LOGIN Issue
Some Applications UNIX Jobs failed with                                                                                                                   
"Start Impossible"  00015009 Client: '0001', Login object: '***', Host: 'YYY', Login info: 'ZZZ' has a password > 20 characters or contains a comma.         
Apparently because there is a new LOGIN object, the UNIX agent needs to be the same version as Engine or Jobs will start to fail. I didn't upgrade my UNIX agents as I didn't think I needed to. Was going to do it at a later date. An alternative solution is to recreate the LOGIN object.

We are in he early days of our upgrade so I'm sure I will find others, will post here.