Promptset containing checkbox with default values crashes workflow

Discussion created by RayFox608611 on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by RayFox608611
Version Information:
Automic Web Interface 12.0.3.GA03-427
Automation Engine API Version
Automation Engine API 12.0.3+build.9313
Red Hat Linux 6.

I have a workflow which contains one task. The task has a promptset associated to it.
The promptset  has two prompts: a date/time timestamp and a checkbox populated by a static variable, default values are set for both prompts.
The prompset works fine when I check "Request User Input" in the general tab of task properties. When this is not checked, the workflow fails.

When I use the same workflow and promptset without the checkbox prompt, the default value of the datatime works correctly.

Is it possible to use a checkbox prompt with default values with the option "Request User Input" unchecked?
According to the documentation, this is the default behaviour of a promptset associated to a task in a workflow.