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How to triggers an Object (WF) based on results of SQL Query

Question asked by JohnO'Mullane on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by JohnO'Mullane
Hi all,
I currently have a simple Workflow (WF1) with 2 Jobs.

Job 1 a SQL Job that returns a "TRUE" or "FALSE" value from a table.
I then use PREP_PROCESS_REPORT in my Post Process to populate a Variable with the result  of my Job. (:PSET &DATA_FOUND# = 'TRUE" or "FALSE")

Job 2 checks &DATA_FOUND#. If = "FALSE" and it's before a certain time (X), I need to re-check in (Y) minutes. I do this by using the WAIT command and then using UC_ACTIVE_OBJECT, kicking off my parent Workflow (WF1) again.

If "TRUE"  or after time (X) I proceed by calling a different Workflow (WF2).

As I hope you can see, this results in many of my parent WF running at a given time.

This has worked fine up to now but a recent restriction put in place to prevent infinite loops means I can no longer loop more that 8 times.

I know there is a File Event that could easily trigger my WF2 when a file arrives in a file location, but I don't think there is something similar for data changing within a DB table.

I'm sure there is a simpler solution out there that will allow me to trigger a Workflow when data arrives in my table, but I can't think of it.