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Use VARA.SEC_SQLI to get data in a notification

Question asked by MihailCheie604746 on Mar 30, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by MihailCheie604746
Hello all,

I am having problems figuring out why using a VARA in a notification email template works for something but a very similar VARA fails to retrieve info.
We have our jobs set to send notifications in case of ERROR and we defined a standard template we use for notifications in case of abort. 
The template looks like this and works great:

UC4 Job Alias [&uc4_module#] failed in AE Agent &uc4_agent#

Job Name:  {VARA.G,JOB_DESCR,1}
Responsibility:  {VARA.G,JOB_ARG_3,1}
Application:  {VARA.G,JOB_ARG_4,1}
Automation Engine Status:   &uc4_status#
Oracle Request ID:  {VARA.G,REQUEST_ID,1}

My intention is to add one more row in this template to get the Operating Unit of the Oracle job and since VARA.SEC_SQLI.@STATISTIC_START_TIME is set like this and works just fine every single timey7dig10hxs6r.jpg

I thought that i can simply create a duplicate of this, modify the SQL and leave the bind parameter alone because it's already pointing to the correct run ID when ran by VARA.SEC_SQLI.@STATISTIC_START_TIME.

So i created this:

It is not getting any data even though in TOAD the query works just fine when using the runid value that should get passed.
Any ideas?

Thank you,