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How to remove carriage return in JOBS RAFTP vs JOBF

Question asked by TimOsgood611330 on Mar 30, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by TimOsgood611330
I have a JOBF that moves a file from my mainframe to an SFTP server.  The file placed on the SFTP server has a line feed at the end of each line but no carriage return.  The vendor that picks up the file is looking for it in that format.

I am trying to convert this job to a JOBS - RAFTP.  This job has the line feed but adds a carriage return to the end of each line in the file.  The vendor cannot handle the carriage return.

The JOBF File Transfer options:
Code = EBCDIC_00037
Compression = No
Format = Text

The RAFTP copy file options:
Transfer type(FTP Only = ASCII
Data transfer mode (SFTP only) = Stream

Does anyone know why the JOBS adds the CR and how to remove it?