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how to publish the value of registered_variable

Question asked by Nitin_10598 on Apr 5, 2018
Hi All,
I need a help to get my variable value printed and then publish it, so that i can use it to trigger the another workflow.
I have created a static variable, in which list of files needs to be entered through Unix "ls" command, i have registered one variable, which is able to get the value into it but when i am putting that value in static variable through PUT_VAR variable, either NULL or a static variable as string is passed but not the value in that variable.

for i in `ls -lrt ${v_path_file}ABC*.dat|awk -F" " '{print $9 }'`

So if i uc4_get_file like &uc4_get_file# it puts NULL, if i use it as uc_get_file it gets prints as it is.

Kindly help.