(Windows) job priority?

Discussion created by daryl.brown_ACI on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by Pete Wirfs
I've been messing around with a job to purge old files off of a windows system.  While it works as designed, the CPU usage on the agent gets very high while I'm doing this.  I'm been doing some googling about ways to counteract this, and some of them mention starting my command with "start /low <command>" so it runs in Windows' low priority mode.

Now while I could build a windows job that includes some "start /low ..." commands within it, the issue is that those get spun off in their own window, so I won't capture the stdout unless I'm clever about the command I use in this way.  

What I ultimately want to do is to invoke the UC4 job itself in a low priority.  (Not to be confused with the UC4 Priority, which has more to do the order the task gets dequeued in when it's in a waiting status.)
Is there a way to do this at all?  It seems like the kind of thing that would below in the 'Windows' tab of the job object, but I don't see anything like this there.

Has anyone out there experimented with this kind of thing and found a good way to get UC4 to do this?

Thanks in advance!

-- Daryl