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Unix job Aborted : Return code 205

Question asked by patve03 Employee on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by Carsten_Schmitz
Hi All,

We are getting the following error while running a UNIX job. The job is running through AD user and surprisingly it is always looking for user home directory on the target host. I am curious to know why Automic requires user home directory and I see it will not write any files onto it. 

20180409/120049.617 - U02000005 Job 'JOBS.UNIX.NEW.2' with RunID '1017751' started.
20180409/120049.715 - U02003041 Invalid 'chdir()' call, file name '/home/betth02'. Error code: ('2' - 'No such file or directory')
20180409/120049.716 - U02000003 Job 'JOBS.UNIX.NEW.2' started with RunID '1017751'.
20180409/120049.716 - U02000009 Job 'JOBS.UNIX.NEW.2' with RunID '1017751' ended with return code '205'.
20180409/120051.796 - U00029000 Report '1016565' for file '/fs0/od/automic/agents/linux/bin/./../out/OAACFXOH.TXT' has been started.
20180409/120051.796 - U00029001 Report '1016565' ended normally.

Note: The agent is running by root as per the installation docs and the authentication method used is PAM. I believe there is no login issues, instead it is looking for home directory. 

Can some please help me with this.

thanks in advance,