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How to configure SAP Agent for JAVA Stack (SAP NetWeaver Web AS JAVA)

Question asked by Krum_Ganev on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by Alexander_Trenker_120
Hello all,

We have an issue configuring SAP Agent for Java Stack.
We have more than 120 SAP ABAP Agents but for first time we need to install/configure for JAVA Stack.

I am following the documentation from Automic but it looks like im missing something.
Following part was done by SAP BASIS team : 
  1. Use the WebInterface to log on to the SAP NetWeaver Administrator.
  2. Select theJobtab.
  3. Click the link "Java Scheduler" -> "External Scheduler".
  4. Insert a new entry in the list of registered external Java Schedulers ("Add").
  5. Complete the fields. Specify "Automation Engine" for the name and the description.
  6. Click onAdd.
Below part was done by me :
  1. Log on to system client 0000.
  2. Create a newConnection objectfor SAP.
  3. Open the Connection object and select the connection type "Internet" in theAttributestab.
  4. Switch to theInternettab and specify the connection data for the SAP Java Scheduler. Indicate the user that was used to add AE as an external Scheduler.
  5. Store and close the Connection object.
  6. Switch to the folder HOST and open the SAP Agent's object.
  7. Select the Connection object in theAgent tabin the fieldJava Basis.
  8. Store and close the Agent object.
  9. Restart the SAP agent if it is currently running.
Yet still the AGENT is failing with below :

20180411/143856.680 - U02000106 Reading content of connection object 'CONN.XGQ'.
20180411/143856.736 - U02000107 Connection object 'CONN.XGQ' with time stamp '1523448953000' was successfully transferred to the Agent.
20180411/143856.737 - U02004161 No connection assigned to the ABAP stack.
20180411/143856.737 - U07001001 Charset used by the Agent: 'ISO-8859-15'
20180411/143856.738 - U02000041 Shutdown Agent 'SAP_XGQ_EEPLSDE3081'.
20180411/143856.739 - U02000002 Agent 'SAP_XGQ_EEPLSDE3081' version '11.2.7+build.942' ended abnormally.

In addition i have disabled the SAP_BW interface from the agent INI file.