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llegalArgumentException in casdgtw probe log on ticket creation

Question asked by GuanHua1378 on Apr 16, 2018
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I encounter llegalArgumentException with the alarm message on creating ticket with casdgtw probe.

I Need to manually create the ticket in Service Desk Manager


I am using below


Service Desk Manager version 14.x

Probe casdgtw version 2.51

Uim version 8.5

UMP version 8.5

Nas version 8.42

Below is the sample alarm message

Enterprise (SNMP v2 Trap), SNMP v2 TRAP - 1521779 SUN-ILOM-SYSTEM-MIB::ilomSystemTrapSystemWarning *** SERVER X4-2" "*** Corporation" "1111" "7073164" "*** Corporation" "*** SERVER X4-2" "VVVV" "7073164" "*** Corporation" "Exadata X4-2" "XXXX" "ExXXXXX X4-2" "ExXXX Database Machine X4-2 xlp" ".�..\"+.+.." "System" "SP (Service Processor)" "(Part Number:***