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12.0.1 to 12.1.1 Upgrade: Error while starting Worker Process

Question asked by KesavanElangovan on Apr 15, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by Michael_Pirson

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I followed the documentation to upgrade our 12.0.1 to 12.1.1.

Stopped all the clients

Stopped all the agents(wasn't mentioned in the document)

Backed up AutomationEngine, ServiceManager, Utilities of 12.0.1

Configured the 12.1.1 binaries of AutomationEngine, ServiceManager and Utilities 

Upgraded the database. 


Started the Service Manager and when trying to start the 1st WP to be the PWP, it goes down with the below error: 


U00015000 WP 'ATMCQA#WP001' cannot be primary, because it is using another MQSet than the old primary WP ('2' instead of '1'). Please start a WP with an older version.


I tried ColdStart, but same result. 


Any ideas of what might be the fix/solution.