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CA PPM 15.4 Sandboxes Now Open!

Discussion created by Michael Thibault Champion on Apr 16, 2018
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Hello everyone, 


The sandboxes are now open and there are a couple of new changes:

  1. There are now 2 sandboxes for use. 
    1. The first one you will have Studio access and is used in the same method as before.
    2. The second you will have no admin access, but can use the OOTB functionality.  This will allow you to get accustomed to the native features of Clarity without the corruption of excessive experimentation.
  2. Once I receive your request for access to the sandbox(s), you will get a reply including the guidelines for sandbox usage, once you provide an affirmative response to the guidelines, I will create the account(s).  This is done to show that you agree to the guidelines.
  3. All significant events in regards to the sandboxes will be posted in the community. This should drive some uses back to the community as some join strictly for access to the sandbox. (Yes, I have done some research on this).
  4. Finally, accounts will not be forever.  To help keep the first sandbox from becoming a commercial development environment (which it is not), it's accounts will be good for 90 calendar days. At which point the account will be deactivated and custom objects, look-ups, queries, etc will be removed. For some, this 90 day restriction may be relaxed if it has been shown they are following the guidelines.


Note: These sandboxes are the property of CA, and only administered by volunteer.  There is no SLA for problem resolution or account creation.  I will perform maintenance activities (account creation, etc) at least once a week.  Please do not contact me with requests like I have received in the past:

   "My account is not working and I have to do a demo in 45 minutes."

   "My account no longer seems to be working and I need to XOG out my clients work."

   " I need an account in the sandbox today because I am taking a training course this week."

   " I created a few extra accounts so my friends and co-workers could use the sandbox as well and they are not working, can you fix them?"


Let the fun begin!


Mike Thibault