Too many projects?

Discussion created by rpeterson on Apr 16, 2018

Does your company manage too many projects in CA PPM? Has there been a proliferation of projects at your organization (real or perceived)? Or perhaps too many project tasks (and therefore very complex timesheets)? Or both? Has there been a "tipping point" that has caused you and your PMO to re-think what projects are under management and which ones are not? Do you manage "business-as-usual" work or strategic projects only? If so are they managed differently? Has there been a need to "right size" your project portfolio to maintain effective project governance, business value or other objectives?


We are a long-time (12 years) CA PPM customer and we are asking those questions now and are very interested in your similar experience. How did you approach this? What were your success drivers? Were they achieved? Appreciate any input and/or the opportunity to discuss by phone.


Thank you.


Rick Peterson