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CA SDM - Which function performs archiving and purge in CA SDM?

Question asked by Mario Gomes on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by Mario Gomes
Hello Sirs,  I am investigating the archiving and purge functionality of CA SDM because the production database
is growing sharply.
I understood how to do the programming and even how to include new objects (tables). I used the following
documents as basis:
However, I would like to use the archiving functionality to delete SDM information and load in a historal
database  for legal issues and to facilitate company reporting. I looked at the form "list_arcpur_rule.htmpl"
to try to identify which function is used internally to perform the archiving, but I could not identify it.
Can anyone tell me which command performs this function and whether it is possible to execute it by spel or
by webservice?
The ideia is use CA PAM to control the archiving and purge method to migrate information to a historical