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Quick View not collecting

Question asked by daddepalli on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by andst05

So I've been testing with the latest WCC and Autosys in my test lab environment and I see that jobs are not being collected...


I keep getting this error:



  1. Error: E131013 Job TestPojo1 not collected in WCC. It could mean some problem with monitoring collector.

Thats super informative, specially because now we have no way to force the collector to run and collect jobs. I tried running the wcc_monitor utility to delete the cache and reload, but nothing works.


I found this option under the Quick View Configuration section:


Show Jobs from AE instead of WCC Collector DB

As you can see, I checked it, logged out and logged in back for good measure. WCC still reports that there's an issue with the collector. Why would it still attempt to go to the collector DB if I told it explicitly to go to the AutoSys server instead? Seems like a bug