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I have to work further around the subject of deleting completely a UIM Robot / Network device. I Want to review this with the product and/or the community expert(s). 


Let's take a look on my little steps board: 

UIM Decom steps (one per one entry)

1. What's the entry ?
A) An UIM agent (a robot)
    A.1 - Get the robot rows (stored on the SQL `cm_computer_system` table)
    A.2 - Send the callback `remove_master_devices_by_cskeys` with the robot
   `cs_key` retrieved on the A.1 step to the discovery_server probe where
    the script (have) to be executed.
    A.3 - Remove agent from hub with the callback `removerobot`

B) A Network device
    B.1 - Identify the type and the source of this device (snmpcollector etc..)
    B.2 - Remove the device from collectors

C) Something else ?
2. Remove open & history of alarms from SQL `nas_transaction_log` & `nas_transaction_summary` tables.
3. Delete QoS data
    3.1 (opt) - Delete related MCS/SSR QoS.
4. Deleting device from NAS address table ?


I have some questions around my simple steps list: 


- Do we have a way to get a cs_key without getting any access to the database ?

- Does A.1 and A.2 apply for answer B?

-  Most of the time we link "Equipment decom" with a complete deletion of alarms history (why ?). I ask my self about only closing active alarms with some NAS callbacks ! (Let me know yours opinions around this subject).


For you chrlu01 : On your perl CLI Script you have the step number four (deleting device from NAS address table). Can you explain to me the goal of this ? (I'm open to any NAS ressources around this).


chrlu01 Christophe_Sperandio

Any feedbacks are welcome   (And let me know if i missed something).


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