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CallBack Dropdown Customization

Question asked by ArunavaS on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by ArunavaS

Hello Experts,


We have a situation to modify the CallBack drop-down on detail_in.htmpl and detail_cr.htmpl file. By OOTB in the callback drop-down we have selection options for : In one day / In two days/ In one week/ Other... . According to the selection it calculates the time-span in seconds and auto convert the same on date. For example if we select : In one day, the callback field will automatically calculate and save the date for tomorrow.


The same way we need to add another option for In three days . When I tried that in HTMPL it shows undefined in the dropdown selection. Looks like there is some javascript function which playing the conversion role from seconds to a meaningful text. May I have a suggestion here on how to add a new dropdown value under CallBack dropdown?


CallBack DropDown