Upgrade from CA Single Sign-On v12.52 to v12.8

Discussion created by Divya_Mehra Employee on Apr 17, 2018
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Hi everyone,


Still on CA Single Sign-On (CA SSO) 12.52?

CA SSO 12.52 will be end of service in February 2019 - now is a great time to upgrade!


We've recently released CA SSO 12.8 with several new features and enhancements:

1) JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication scheme, which enables CA SSO to accept compact
JWTs for authentication
2) Many OpenID Connect enhancements - such as Implicit flow, PKCE support and step-up authentication - to broaden use cases and increase security
3) JSON request and response support for REST APIs for authentication and authorization Web services available via CA Access Gateway

4) Ability to create an IP whitelist of agents that will field authentication requests
5) Windows Server 2016 support for policy server, administration UI, access gateway and SDK


For a more comprehensive feature comparison, please refer to the attached ""Why Upgrade to CA Single Sign-On 12.8" datasheet.


CA SSO 12.8 also offers a new 4-year support life cycle, until March 31, 2022.