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How to transfer the files from local workstation to a remote Linux server using Lisa test?

Question asked by Aarav6 on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by MarcyNunns

Hi Team,


Currently I am working on a Lisa test which generates the HTML reports files in my local workstation. I want to copy that file to a remote Linux server (in a specific directory say /app/test/reports/) How can I do that?. I have an SSH step, using that the Linux server authentication is successful (using user id and password). But am struggling to copy the files from local to Remote linux server directory. Could you please help me on this. How can I write the SSH command to copy the file from local work station to remote Linux server?


The screenshot for testing SSH connection is attached. I just need the working SSH command to copy the file from local to linux diretory shown above


Thanks & Regards,

Rajesh Rajendran