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V10 SQL query in V12

Question asked by RogerShirley603913 on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by RogerShirley603913

Automic Support tells me "The contents that resided in table uc_msg have been completed redistributed throughout multiple tables with different column names as well. Unfortunately this means there is no simple way to redesign your SQL query previously used as the data is found across multiple tables with different names UC_MSGDT, UC_MSGKD, UC_MSGL, UC_MSGT, UC_MTYPE, etc."


Querying multiple tables is beyond my SQL knowledge, can someone explain how to query multiple tables.


Original SQL

01 select msg_id, msg_text
02 from uc_msg
03 where msg_area = 'UC_0001'
04 and msg_lang = '&$SYS_LANGUAGE#'
05 and msg_type = 'D'
06 and msg_id >= 1800
07 and msg_id <= 1899
08 order by msg_id