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How to load a wsdl file to integrate BMC Remedy with Automic to create incidents.

Question asked by acamachom on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by Michael_Pirson

I have a integration made to execute objects when a incident on BMC Remedy is created and is done via Internal Web Services on Automic and loading the uc4ws.wsdl file, the problem come when i try to do the return step...

I need to create or update the BMC Remedy Incident when the Automic job fails or ends successfully, but there's no information of how to create a Web Service to load the BMC Remedy wsdl file and how to create a request on Automic to achieve this.


NOTE: The RA BMC Remedy Service Desk Integration is not compatible with the version used (Remedy 8.1 and Automic 12.1)


I hope you can help me with some ideas to solve this.