URL JSON parsing to epagent

Discussion created by bwcole on Apr 19, 2018
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Howdy Community,


I've got a new challenge to call to a HTTP/URL which returns a context type "application/json", parse the JSON object structure, do some calculations then publish the metrics/values to APM through the environment performance agent.


Does anyone have an epagent plugin that parses receives a JSON object structure and parses it?


Does anyone have an epagent plugin that calls to a URL and processes the response data?


If not, anyone have any suggestions on how to get a JSON structure from a HTTP/URL, parse the JSON, and then publish metrics to the APM?


We have a python script that parses the URL/JSON and returns name value pairs through standard out to a Perl epagent plugin but we are having issues with capturing the return code from the python script within Perl since we typically use the open file-handle method and that pipes the standard out and can't seem to find a way to capture the return code.


Was thinking on researching Perl to parse the URL/JSON but wanted to see if someone has already did that.


Also thought about coding a Java plugin, but wanted to also see if someone has already went down that path.