Iterative Processing

Discussion created by MuckMoses on Apr 19, 2018
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As part of our GDPR project I've been asked to write an Automic function that deletes files over a specific age.

This will all be controlled by a VARA Object.


I'm given a "root" folder and then have to delete all files in that folder older than specified - That's the easy bit.

Then they want me to run down any subfolders and delete relevent files then check for subfolders etec, etc, etc. - the iterative bit.


There will be exclusions so I can't just write a simple script I have to check if the folder is excluded.


I was going to write a Windows JOBS Object that deletes the files (in a folder specified by a Script Variable) then loops through all the subfolders and calls itself to repeat the delete function on any files in that folder etc, etc.


I've looked into this and found that ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT can't call itself.



Any Ideas?