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sqlserver probe - custom checkpoint with long text string

Question asked by emilio.ogaz on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by emilio.ogaz

Hi community, Hope all u r well.


I'm creating custom checkpoint templates on sqlserver probe, specifically one for obtain the ones that consume more cpu resources (called "heavy_queries"), I have the sql query for that and I tested it on the query tab inside edit template window with success.

The result below is from the query, I put the column "text" as row key and used the AvgCPUTime as the metric but for some reason the new QoS dont appear on the UMP. I created other template but this one does not have a long string text and looks fine and appear this QoS on the UMP.



My question is is not possible use long string text as row key?


Same issue occurs with the native sqlserver metric long_queries that have the column "sql_text" same as the "heavy_queries".  The QoS long_queries appear on the UMP but does not show anything.


This is the query result of long_queries of sqlserver probe.


I'll appreciate your comments.


Thanks you.