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Help me to say goodbye - Classic Workflow

Question asked by andrade on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by Kyle_R

Hello community,


We are studying ways to implement ITIL processes without use massive customizations.


During a ITASM Demo we experienced Change and Problem processes being orchestrated by PAM. Using Input Request Form to get additional information from de User (like impact analysis, RCA analysis and others).


But how to make report using the IRF information? How keep the information after an ITPAM archive and purge? How users plan their own activity tasks during Change?


Anyone tried to be ITIL Compliant and had the same questions? How did you got over it?


We don't want to use Classic Workflow anymore, and don't want to create customizations to make the problem analysis available, but I did not understood yet how is the CA way to do those stuff.


Thank you!