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enterprise dashboard and license questions

Question asked by ihullu on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by ihullu

Am I allowed to have multiple EDs running with their own separate DBs? I have installed one for testing patches, testing upgrades and stuff like that. And I have an ED running in the 'production environment'. The actual environment my company users are making and running their VSEs and Test cases/suites.  When I am very strict I should gather all usage information from both the acceptance/test environment and the production environment and somehow combine this to have the actual concurrent usage info. Is that the case?


I assume I need to keep the usage info for at least the current year: the year in which the license is valid. Am I allowed to purge all data before the current year?


And what happens when I somehow lose usage data for example when I cannot restore my ED dashboard DB anymore after a crash. Am I then in violation of the license because I cannot provide CA with the complete usage info of the current year when requested for?