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Edit the baseline Manually

Question asked by ParastooMousavi82365653 on Apr 23, 2018
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Hello Ca Communities


I work in PMO and it is the responsibilities of PMO to save the baseline. We forgot to baseline two of the projects at the project Kick off. Now we have noticed project finish date has been changed. I found that if I've baseline the project, I am not allowed to change the baseline start and finish date manually. Baseline start and finish date read the data from the latest start and finish date of the latest project at the time that we create the baseline. We can not  set up the project from scratch because it has actuals. The only solution is to get the baseline of the latest project and editing baseline manually which system does not allow me. Is my understanding of the solution correct?


Is there any way for me to manually set up baseline start and finish date at this late phase of the project in the projectconnect?