How do you add Introscope agent to monitor Spring Boot application in Docker container

Discussion created by sweeu01 Employee on Apr 24, 2018
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Does anyone have experience deploying Introscope agent within a Docker container to monitor a Java application?

My customer's application environment looks something like that:

- conf
- docker
- dge-ws-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT
- Jenkinsfile
- bin
- Dockerfile
- applications


And one of the applications which I need to monitor is residing in the THDEV folder. Each folder is a Docker container

- ID
- TH


And I was told by the customer developer to include the agent flags within the JAVA_OPTS variable in the docker-compose.overwrite.yml in the THDEV folder:


- docker-compose.yml
- docker-compose.overwrite.yml
I copied the Wily folder to  /prodlib/JENKIN/workspace/DGE/deploy/applications
and added the -javaagent and -agentProfile flags with full path in the docker-compose.overwrite.yml
However, upon restarting the docker container, I do not see any Wily logs in the docker-compose logs, and neither is any logs generated in the wily/logs folder. ps -ef | grep wily does not return any output. Appreciate if anyone can shed some light on this, as I'm new to Docker and I'm pretty sure the agent did not get hooked up to the JVM startup process due to some misconfiguration on my end