PSA: Why you (currently) want a big workstation for AWI

Discussion created by Carsten_Schmitz on Apr 24, 2018
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Quick question:

What's the difference between looking at a major workflow in AWI 12.1.1, and playing Counter Strike on a cheapish company laptop?



There isn't any *). Some of our users reported sluggish behaviour of their (admittedly not that great) company laptops, and strange increases in CPU cooler fan usage when using AWI. Some testing later, we discovered that merely looking at a workflow with more than a few items drives CPU load and temperature up significantly, because (at least in the case of IE) the browser performs excessive garbage collection about every 2,5 seconds, utilizing a CPU core to near 100%. In any other tab of the AWI, the CPU load immediately goes down again.


Image 1: A decidedly germanic CPU load diagram


Automic is currently on the case.



*) actually, that's not totally true. One is decidedly more fun than the other.