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How can I pull OS Type into a report?

Question asked by Daniel Blanco Champion on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by Issac08

So I wanted to know is there a way to pull additional robot info such as OS_Type, OS Name, OS Version, etc basically the same info that we can get from when viewing the group members in the USM into another portlet to create a report.


I need to create a list view or a similar report that has all this information along with several QoS metrics (CPU,Disk,Mem,Nic Traffic, etc..)

We want the OS Type, OS_Name in our List View. Anyone know how or if a list can show this data? It only seems to look at QoS data but this OS data is stored in the CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM table in OS_NAME column.


So when looking at a group in USM we can see many fields:


What other methods can I use to get this info into a QoS related report? I don't think the list designer can grab this info as from what I can see.