OSB 12c FieldPack (last version)

Discussion created by zyxphreez on Apr 24, 2018
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Hi Guys, What is the "final" version of the fieldpack mentioned?, i have (OracleSOA_BPEL_OSB_12c_004), i'm trying to configure monitoring but doesn't work for me, i just can see this structure:




----Monitoring Statistics


-----------Business Service Monitoring Size


there is nothing else!!


I'm trying too with the default OSB-FULL.pbl and .jar (Weblogic Java Agent), i can't see anything!, not even the OSB "folder" in the introscope tree (first node).


Help me please!


The CA support told me that OSB 12C version is not supported (officially)


My enviroment: APM 10.7 with HF, Weblogic Apm Agent 10.7, OSB 12c, AIX 7.1