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Is it possible to create a data partition constraints using date time attributes or fields?

Question asked by carlosgrv on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by carlosgrv
We are trying to configure the Data partition of one of the roles with which the #SDM tool 
is used. In this case the data partition of the table is being configured is Workflow_Task
and the type of restriction is Update with the following condition:
(chg.sched_start_date > chgalg.time_stamp)
It is desired that if the start date of an order change is greater than the current date,
a message will be displayed that cannot update or modify the change order because the date is
already expired. In this case we tried to do the test with a change order where the start
date was greater or less than the current time and never showed the message, so we would
like to know what the behavior is for this type of restriction since it does not comply
with what is being established in the condition.

The version of Service Desk Manager is 14.

Thanks for the help.