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v15 sql trace

Question asked by Vasanth_RevIT on Apr 25, 2018
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Did anyone try generating a SQL trace on v15.3? I tried following the steps on the below link (video) but was not able to generate the SQL trace. It only displays INFO in the trace file.


</INFO><INFO date="2018-04-25 23:00:27,894" user="clarity:camos" session="5296042__A8A3A0F7-07A8-46F9-BE59-B901F6C2B414" action="projmgr.projectProperties" thread="http-nio-8085-exec-14" category="trace.client.user.camos">
<uiRequest elapsed="0.000" elapsedAfterLastNode="1,524,661,227,894.000" start="11:00:27:894" finish="11:00:27:894" memoryDelta="0k">
<uiRequest id="" elapsed="0.000" start="10:00:00:000" finish="10:00:00:000" memoryDelta="0k"/>


Any idea? Is this feature no longer working?