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Workflow status

Question asked by PatrickHiggins607207 on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by PatrickHiggins607207

On AE 11.2 ,   I have several flows that are manipulating files.   If one of the flows does not have any files to process on a given day, I want to cancel the rest of the workflow --- I have the cancel working with CANCEL_UC_OBJECT(Flow_ID, ALL),  but I actually want this to end with a 'Normal Status' but with Status Text  and Archive Key1 set to a literal 'no files to process'.  


-I can set pre-conditions on the each of the remaining steps checking a variable and skipping if the variable = 'no files to process',  but that requires changes to each task properties tab for every subsequent step in the flow.  

-Or nest the flow and move the file selection to a higher level flow and only invoke the lower flow when needed.   Strikes me as unnecessary complication


---- the files being tested are remote (not in our datacenter), so using RA_FTP to check for file existence.


How can I set the status code OR return code OR status_text OR Archive_key1 value for these flows?