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Exclude tasks when creating a new project baseline

Question asked by Pilarfr on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by Dale_Stockman


I´d ask your advice for the situation I have in one of my customers:


The typical situation is as follows:


Management approves a delay in the project end date initially planned due to delays in certain project tasks. This approval is formalized in a specific document, and then, the PMO is in charge of updating all the baseline dates whose delays has been justified and approved.


In CA PPM it is possible to take a new baseline for each task approved for change, the problem with this approach is that the project baseline finish date is not updated unless a new project baseline is taken, but if a new project baseline is taken, the other tasks with start/finish dates different from its baseline that have not been approved for change, also change. Due to that, after the project baseline is taken, the customer must adjust manually each task not approved for change, modifying its current start/finish dates to its baseline dates, taking a new baseline task, and then restoring the current start/finish task.


I have thought making a CA PPM process to automate the customer manual tasks.


Have you had a similar situation? Which would the best practice in this situation.


I´d appreciate any advice very much.


Thanks in advance.