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GZIP Compress - Weird Characters

Question asked by mrutherford on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 3, 2018 by mrutherford

In my API Gateway I'm attempting to GZIP Compress a Base64 encoded string. This Base64 encoded string is a JWT that I've generated using the Encode Json Web Token assertion. 


Once I GZIP compress this Base64 encoded string I'm noticing that its appearing as a ton of odd symbols. I thought that this was occurring because of my Base64 encoded string however I'm noticing the same weird characters when I GZIP compress a basic string context variable with a value of "TestTestTest". Does anyone know why this would happen? I'm unable to decompress this compressed value using GZIP decompression because it doesn't appear to be valid GZIP Compressed data. 


Heres what it looks like when I go to GZIP compress a context variable with the value of "TestTestTest"