Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : Question regarding "SSO JBOSS R12.52 SP01 CR08"

Discussion created by Patrick-Dussault Employee on Apr 27, 2018


We'd like to know :

1 - Does the Agent for JBoss 12.52SP01CR08 is supported on JBoss 7;
2 - Does the Agent for JBoss 12.52SP01CR08 includes the fix for the following problem :

JBoss reports on application compilation error "The import de cannot be resolved"




JBoss 12.52SP01CR08 64bit




Agent for JBoss 12.52SP01CR08 64bit is supported on JBoss 7 64bit when
running RedHat 7 64bit; The fix you mentioned will only be available
in Agent for JBoss 12.52SP1CR09, which should be available in Q2 this
year 2018.




SiteMinder 12.0 Application Server Agents, includes updates for base release and all later CRs/SPs for this release

CA Single Sign - On (formerly called CA SiteMinder) Fix Strategy


KB : KB000092953