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Work Request Link (url generated?)

Question asked by paoliee on Apr 28, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2018 by urmas

I'd like to be able to provide direct links to a list of WR's for a prioritization meeting without having to open CA PPM and look up the WR and then capture the URL.  The url I see doesn't immediately show me a way to "predict" the url.  

For instance, the url looks something like this:


but the WR number is WR0111106.  Was hoping the WR was exposed someplace in the string.


Hoping the question makes sense. 

Not sure if this type of answer would depend on how my company has deployed or ?


Thanks in advance for any ideas!


p.s..FWIW, we have cross prioritization with about 3 other intake methods, so it's not as simple as having a filtered view ready in CA to easily link.