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clarification on pdm_server_control -v (version control command)

Question asked by La-Qa on Apr 30, 2018
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Hello Team


While publishing tables n columns in sdm 17.1 Advance Availability. i have some confusion with pdm_server_control -v command, This command turn off the version control.


i studied the following document . what i understand is pdm_server_control -v command need to run if we have saved and published schema in wsp in bg server and then need to run pdm_publish command by making failover . and if during that time if Standby server sdm service already off during publishing schema in wsp....we need to first run this command on standby server and then trun on the service of sb server. then make it to bg server and run pdm_publish command on original bg server ...this is all wt i under for this command.



So anybody who has done this practically in AA and confirm me about this command.. when to run this. and on which server it should be run specifically ...or should it be run on all server i.e bg, sb and app... 


Many thanks


Jon_Israel Alex_Perretti gbruneau Raghu.Rudraraju 


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