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Virtualize IBM Websphere and Flat Files Using request response

Question asked by VikramShethF318255 on Apr 30, 2018
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I am trying to virtualize using request/response pairs on LISA (I still don't have access to the newer version). The transport protocol is IBM Web sphere (I have selected IBM MQ Series (Deprecated) in the transport protocol). The request and response are flat files. For virtualizing, I have copied the request and response in txt files in a single folder with the correct file names (name-req and name-rsp). I am not sure what request data protocol should I select.

Here are dummy examples of the request and response -

Request -

ZZI0<0000000001**********VMAAR270UserFCVCCCC23280000000000XM001              0000000001**********DDDjg6efi2x*********JJI0KKKK3300003JJJ20180410000000C  JJJ  JJJ-0001                                                    VC0051114208                   XEXPXX   


Response -

>X0011CXX00000   kk6efi2y    JJI0JJJJ2700003JJJ20180410000430C  JJJ  JJJ-0001                           N007 caa2db07 OOO MM                     REQUEST COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY                      

  FC0051114208                EYPY                    N100223555589T                   IDLE NUXXX INC                                                                  8711000030  1998-03-11        

                     N                     NN          N     000000000Y GN                          N  000344NRG   NRG   NRG   NRG                                                                   

             25 RIDER DO S # 611                                                                                                     JUUUUU CITY                     OO070000000IND0000000002        



                                                             1000000008NUN                                              5000N                                                                        

                                                                                         0000                                                                      10000008140000000000000000


                                                          0000000000000000{NBOHSmall Business                                    NYNNNYNNNNYNNN0000000000000000{NN10/31/2017000000000NN              

                                                     N Y NNNE       000000000 000000000000{000000000000{                                                       Mxxxxxn Wxxxxxx                       

                                     N    N                                                                                RDN                                                                       

                                                                                                                    201         Y                                         NUSA   L                   

                                                                                  NPRI                                                                                            00NO SPL HANDLINGN 

      0100000001        100000000                                                                                                                                                                    


                                                                            N                NNNNN                    00008  IN 000010000000001                                                      

           00010101 00000000000050000008                    NNNNNNNNNN  NN   NN     00000000NV9000000001          00001NW0101000199999999                                                            





    US                                1N                                                                           N                            L   0  0  0                                          

                      IDLE NUXXX INC                                                   A                                                                                                             




                                                                          N                          Return Business Jigs Ringng