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TDM:Javelin workflow not working

Question asked by princemunjal on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by princemunjal

Hi Team,


Any one aware of this exception


Start: 2018-05-01 09:17:31.735
Using variables file path: E:\Prod_E\ZRD\Logs\CA\Javelin\PrepareTMReport\Temp\Param_PrepareTMReport_1913.csv
Using output directory: E:\Prod_E\ZRD\Logs\CA\Javelin\PrepareTMReport\Log
Start: 2018-05-01 09:17:31.783
Exception Running Flow - The type initializer for 'System.Activities.Presentation.WorkflowDesigner' threw an exception.
Execution Complete


Command :::

"E:\Program Files (x86)\Grid-Tools\Javelin\JavelinExecutor.exe" file="%JAVELIN_JOBNAME%" >> %ZRD_PATH%\Logs\CA\Javelin\PrepareTMReport\Temp\abc.out


I am getting it while executing javelin from command line using 'JavelinExecutor.exe' from datamaker 'Post Publish Action'