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Help with switching tabs in edit mode on error

Question asked by khamilton177 on May 1, 2018
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I have a spel code that checks on PRE_VALIDATE for a resolution code and if the ticket is a major incident.  If it is and resolution code is 'other', I need the outage_detail_what field on the Outage tab to be highlighted.  I need help switching to the outage tab so I can highlight the field like with required fields on properties tab..  This code is called from both detail_incident.htmpl edit and request_status_change.htmpl.


I've tried using from windows_manger.js to no avail.  I am getting finding the element but it does not make the tab the current selection -


function clickOnLink(id)
try {
var link = document.getElementById(id);
if ( link != null )
document.location.href = link.href;
catch(e) {}