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Using SDM DBMS option in Transformation Map with Datasubset

Question asked by Shrini_TSYS on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by Shrini_TSYS

I need to use a combination of Subset & Transformation maps for performing Subset and Masking on SQL Server Database. I see that in Transformation map I can select the DBMS as SDM and documentation mentions that I can get more Masking Functions (similar to FDM) if I use SDM as the option in DBMS while creating Transformation Maps.


I had to proceed with using SDM based Map as the one for SQl Server had limited options. When I referred to this Map in Subset (Build MS SQL Server Scrambled Extract) option, I got a warning which stated that I need to select SQLServer based Map and selecting SDM Map might give errors at runtime or function might not work fine.


As an example, I am using SEQLOV as one of the functions. After I execute the Export script out of Subset, it runs fine but the fields are not transformed at all and are same as source (original value).


Could you please advise if using SDM is a correct way while doing this activity?