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getUserFromSMTOKEN fails with Exception getting administrator

Question asked by fbohra on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 6, 2018 by Mark.ODonohue

Hello All, 


One of my user has enabled state '0' - meaning their password has not expired. As far as I understand, once Siteminder authenticates the user, Identity Manager should not attempt to reset the user's password in this case - correct? 


I am however getting the following error

Sending server reqest with ID: 203 for method [getUserFromSMTOKEN]
Receiving server response for request with ID:203

Exception getting administrator (-SM-(RC2)** [facility=4 severity=2 reason=0 status=38 message=No items found] error. 


I found the following doc for this issue, however I don't think the resolution fits my case.

I only have one policy server and the time is in synch with my IDM server. 


Can't seem to understand the issue. 

Any other possible causes / fixes known to the community members? 

Policy Server Version : 12.52.0001.154


Thanks, Ferzana