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Issue with OTK Grant type assertion

Question asked by d.pradeepkumar1 on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by dasjo02

HI Team,

I have configured the stand alone gateway with external database.For that we have service which validates JWT and produces token.For this purpose we used "OTK grant type assertion" for validating grant type.Everything was working fine.yesterday I have setup a cluster.So now the two node point to single database.All the services are working fine.And the token generation service is throwing error.The error is "OTK grant type invalid assertion" i am getting this error  after cluster configuration.But here I am observing different behavior of gateway.


1) when we test this service with Soap Ui it is working fine.

2)When we test same service through the mobile app it is throwing error invalid assertion.

3)The weird thing here is when testing with mobile app,If I switch on service debugger and put a break point before the assertion I am not getting this error.


Does anyone observed this type of behavior on gateway.