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AE 11.2.3: release breakpoint with MODIFY_TASK

Question asked by GregorZenker628963 on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by GregorZenker628963

Dear community!

In a JOBP a breakpoint is set manually (before activation) using the "Earliest" tab where the "Set breakpoint" checkbox is checked.

After the activation, where the JOBP is halted of course, I want to realease this breakpoint with the MODIFY_TASK function, but this doesn't work.




This returns error code 0000000000020212, and the breakpoint is still active.
(Of course I also used STOP_MODIFY beforehand, COMMIT and GO afterwards)


1. does anyone know if this is technically possible in general?

2. what does error code 20212 mean (it is not in the docu...)?

3. if it is possible - does it also work with the "START" object in the JOBP?


My goal is to create a JOBP dynamically, like
- JOBP is activated and halted
- JOBS objects are added (with dependencies)
- JOBP is executed