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Resource estimation nad baseline

Question asked by ParastooMousavi82365653 on May 3, 2018

Hello CA Community

Our project has different phases (let's say discovery phase and implementation phase). We do not want to split the project to two sub projects 1) discovery 2) implementation. We need to have one project with two phases.


We do need to put the resource estimation for all phases in advance but we should baseline discovery phase only and track its schedule performance. Therefore we define one field named discovery completion forecast date that is filled manually. We define the formula to calculate the schedule performance of discovery phase (Red- Amber- Green) based on baseline finish date and discovery completion date


The discovery project start date and finish date (Duration is fixed) is changing due to prioritization therefore we need to re-baseline discovery phase over and over. When we put the resource estimation for all phases (discovery and implementation), the finish date pick the finish date of implementation and when we have to re-baseline the discovery, it picks the latest finish date but we want to finish date of discovery phase as a baseline. I know that there is no solution for manual changing the baseline start and finish date.


This limitation is challenging for us because we need the tentative resource plan for all 2018 which has impact on the finish date but we need to track the schedule performance of discovery phase individually and the baseline for discovery is changing quite frequently due to prioritization.


Having in mind that baseline start and finish date for discovery phase are changed more than once, Is there any trick for us to track the schedule performance of each phase individually as long as we have the resource estimation for all phases of project?

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