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Facing issue in manipulating date string.

Question asked by fr-ms.usc-gcc.dl on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by Lindsay_Estabrooks

Hello All,

In one of our PAM process, developed by our ex-developer, I am trying the following code to get back the date string in form of m/dd/yyyy (for eg. 5/10/2018).

Here, our objective is to get a date string (for e.g. 5/10/2018) from database table, increment the date with 7 days (such as, 5/17/2018) and insert this incremented date string into database table.

Here, date field in table is of VARCHAR2 type.


/********** code snippet*************/



2. function addScheduleNextStartDate(existingStrtDt){

3.       var datestr = existingStrtDt;
4.       var curr_date = new Date(datestr);


8.       var mm = curr_date.getMonth(curr_date.setMonth(curr_date.getMonth()+1));
9.       var dd = curr_date.getDate(curr_date.setDate(curr_date.getDate()+7));
10.     var y = curr_date.getFullYear(curr_date.setFullYear(curr_date.getFullYear()));

11.       var newDatetoSet = mm+"/"+dd+"/"+y;

12. return newDatetoSet;



       //here 'startdt' is a date string (for eg. 5/10/2018) and 'scheduleNextStartDate' is a dataset of string type 

13. scheduleNextStartDate = addScheduleNextStartDate(Process.RequestList[j].startdt);



/*** Code end****/


I am getting following output here in 'scheduleNextStartDate' as 00/17/2018

Here, I am getting month as 00


For trial, I swap the code (i.e. line number 8 and 9) as below, 

   var mm = curr_date.getDate(curr_date.setDate(curr_date.getDate()+7));   //here I tried to call getDate() 
   var dd = curr_date.getMonth(curr_date.setMonth(curr_date.getMonth()+1));    //here I tried to call getMonth()
   var y = curr_date.getFullYear();

In this case for date string '5/10/2018' I am getting output as '00/5/2018' for var newDatetoSet = mm+"/"+dd+"/"+y;


As we can see,

In 1st case, I was getting month as 00.

and in 2nd case, I am getting date as 00


I tried to investigate this in every possible way, but I am failing to identify where/what am I doing wrong?

I also tried generating a date with the help of Date() and then using formatDate(date,'M/dd/yyyy') in order to get the date string. But in every case the output scenario is the same.


For testing purpose, I created a separate test process in which I am passing a date string, say 5/13/2018 from one JS operator to another JS operator. In second JS operator I tried the same code and here I am getting an expected output, i.e. 5/20/2018.


Any suggestion or solution will be of great help.


Thanks and Regards!

Aniket Khandar