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Custom list of stories, tasks and defects by owner

Question asked by carmen.long on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by terry.ginzburg

The attached JS code pulls a list of stories, tasks and defects assigned to specific set of owners. The scenario we are trying to cover is such that in some cases a resource might be the owner of a story and associated tasks.  In other cases, the resource might create tasks under a story owned by someone else.  This is a compilation list.  When stories are expanded the tasks assigned to a resource show as duplicates since we are also listing tasks assigned to that resource.  It would be great if this JS could be modified to list the stories expanded so it shows the tasks for that resource.  In the event that there’s a task assigned to a resource under a story that belongs to someone else (outside the specific set of owners), the list will show the story and the task or tasks assigned to the owner who is part of the specific set of owners.  I've mocked up an example of how we would like to visualize this data along with the code we are currently using.  Any help/guidance will be greatly appreciated.